Four Best Hair Colours For Dark Skin Tone

By Vivian Udeh

The hair colours you choose matter, whether it’s to get over a heartbreak or just to have fun.

For example, a red dash on your hair will make you feel like a fearsome queen of warriors. Throw it in with stunning dark skin, and you’ve got one lethal combination for yourself.

Trendy colours for hair aren’t all about being playful. A change of hair colour will help you cover it up when you have thinning hair and your scalp is starting to show. Another benefit of having the right colour of hair is that with it you can accentuate your skin tone and facial features.

Think again if you have refrained from dyeing your hair because you thought your darker skin tone would not go well with bright colours. In reality, brown skin is the ideal reason to embrace a variety of shades, including pastels, grays, platinum and honey tones.

Celebrities such as Viola Davis, Tiffany Haddish, Gabrielle Union, are all outstanding examples of women who boldly experimented with dark skin tones and some of the best hair colours. And you can, too, according to these beauty practitioners and master hair colourists.


This is the right combo for slayers! Dark roots can make your face look longer, while features like your eyes and mouth can be highlighted by bleached blonde hair. It’s the combination to die for.


This mixture of colours creates a chocolatey blend. Take this divine blend now, and throw it over your hair. It makes you want to brush your hair all the time, doesn’t it?


Close your eyes and imagine a chilly night in the winter. You’re probably dreaming of a deep blue sky, a woodland silhouette, and snow. That’s all I can think about, looking at this hair colour mix. The best way to explain it is fantastic.


Pink is a powerful colour. It is the universal bond between women, the unspoken code that at least one shade of pink appeals to all women. Pink can be subtle or flashy. And the vivid pink ends add loads of dazzle to the afro.

Images are gotten from google search page.

Source: Above Whispers

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