When ‘Help’ Comes

By Esther Chineye Mbabie

HTwo young people had set out of a community to build a name for themselves outside of where they grew up. After a few years of searching and waiting for an opportunity to finally get financially stable, an empowerment organization came along.

They found that one of these young people had spent the last years taking training, attending conferences pulling resources together and gathering all the possible experiences, the other had spent his time “waiting” for help to come. Eventually, they were both given a chance based on their touching background story and like you would have guessed the second person was caught off from the empowerment plan a little while later.


We can search for things for a long time. A door to set careers rolling, an investor to finally sell our ideas to…..but what happens when we become too egoistic to put in the work when it comes. What happens when we have spent all the “waiting time” simply waiting, nothing more.

“When opportunity meets preparedness then, it becomes success”, yes, we have heard this a lot of times but too many times it just sounds like the usual “acquire to Maguire” that we hear all the time so we do not give it any attention.

We can search through job sites and newspapers searching for the perfect job openings for us, we can sit and hope that a helper comes through for us but we must keep growing! It’s never enough to call for help and hope to get it because we are in difficult situations or have good people who have put in a word for us. We must be ready to prove that we own that seat when it is handed over to us.

As we start to draw out plans for new projects, new jobs, new businesses, I hope we will keep this in mind. I hope we will begin to own the opportunities that are given to us. We will start to grow and build into the people we want to be when “HELP” finally comes.

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Source: Above Whispers

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