Adulthood & Pressure

By Honey OIorunsola

In our parents’ generation, it was a good thing and a thing of class to finish secondary school, proceed to the university and finish well. In fact, jobs were always available and enough to go round; education then was the master key. Fast forward to our generation, can we still agree that education is the key? Because in this generation, I see B.Sc. holders being commercial bike men and PhD holders being truck drivers for reputable companies. So what exactly should we say is wrong with education in our generation? Is it the system? Or we the recipient? Because sometimes it’s crazy to think about the fact that we go to school, spend thousands of naira and sometimes millions all to come to settle for a salary of 20k or 30k.

While I was much younger, I believed that money was everything and that when I grow up, everything will work out fine. Little did I know that adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities. Now, I totally understand why the prodigal son in the Bible had to return to his father’s house (LOL). It’s actually hard enough being an adult in this environment but what’s harder is seeing your colleagues, school mates and even junior colleagues doing fine and it feels like you’re not doing enough. What comes to mind when these things happen to you? I understand that you’re in your late twenties(or even older) and there’s a lot of pressure, bills and responsibilities but yet, it seems like nothing is working. Sometimes you even think God has forgotten you. Truth is this, we all will get to a point in life where nothing will seem to be working (that is if you’re not there yet) and at the end of the day, all we have to do is survive and forge ahead.

A big sister of mine once said to me; Live Life One Day At A Time. Know this and know peace because, at the end of the day, you start to think, you start to worry, and some might even be depressed, why? Because things are not working out at the time. The major source of this pressure is family and social media. Truth is this, a lot of things we see on social media are all for clout and if that is what is getting to you, trust me, you might end up with blood pressure and the funny yet bitter truth is the fact that you’re better than a lot of these people, yes, I said it. As long as you keep grinding and do not give up one day, you will be rewarded.

I’m concerned about your mental health because that is what gets affected the most in situations like this which is why I’m going to suggest a few things to do when you get to this point of your life.

First is, you might need to stay off social media or stay off friends that you feel like they oppress you. Second is to channel all those energies into becoming better, start looking out for opportunities, take complete control of your life and meet new people. Taking risks, calculated ones is also vital. Do not forget to also commend yourself whenever you win, no win is small, please. One thing that also always help is positive confessions. You can always say it to yourself every morning or have it in your personal notepad such that whenever you feel down, you can always say them out loud, trust me, confessions will make you feel better. Below are some you can say to yourself each time you feel down:








…and lots more.

You can always add yours or whatever works for you. I know how much of a magic confession does so I can’t wait for your transformation testimony, please feel free to share in the comment section.

Source: Above Whispers

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