Friends and ‘frenemies’

By Honey Olorunsola

What kind of friends do you keep? What kind of a friend are you to someone else? I’m sure you’re aware that various kinds of friends can either make you or mar you. I just want you to ask yourself these questions and sincerely answer them.

There’s a lot of mistakes we all make with the name tag “friend”. My dear, someone you just met is not your friend, stop misusing the word, your neighbour is not your friend unless you’ve moved to that level, and just because you are neighbours doesn’t make you friends. The sad part is, there are those that claim to be our friend but we know deep down that this person is your “frenemy” but we still keep them around with the hope that they will change. Let me make a few illustrations using X & Y as two friends.

X is a lady and Y is her friend. X did something really wrong and disgusting in public. Y who claims to be her friend was also supporting her actions knowing how wrong she was. If you were Y, what would you have done, the same action or a different one? Well, I trust my friends. If I mess up, they won’t hesitate to let me know I’m wrong and after the chastisement, still rally around me to make me feel better.

Another scenario is this, Y found herself in a room where people kept talking about X, her friend. Y defended her without knowing if she was right or not but she tried protecting her image in her absence. She later went to confront X about what she heard if it was true or not. Let me ask again, if you were Y, what would you have done? Snitch on your friend or defend her?

Last illustration is this, X is a business person and Y, her friend finds it hard to patronize nor refer her to people but always active when it’s time for giveaway. She finds it easier to patronize other vendors sometimes at a higher price than that of her friend, X. So tell me, which of Y are you? Just in case you are any of the Y above, you need to change. Also, if you have any Y in your life, you need to change your circle. It’s heartbreaking to see how we support our favorite’s artistes and celebrities once it’s time for a new album or a launch but to help repost your so-called friends’ flyer, you suddenly don’t have data.

Please and please, the year is rounding off and we should not start the New Year with these attitudes. Be intentional about your friends, your circle. it’s important. Support, love, chastise, pray and support one another. Doing this will go a long way in making the world a better place. Start treating that friend of yours like he or she deserves and encourage them to do same to other people and watch the world get better.

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Source: Above Whispers

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