6 Easy Hairstyle For 4C Hair

By Vivian Udeh

In the natural hair culture and beyond, 4C hair is known for being a difficulty for dealing with and styling.

Taking care of 4C hair and styling is really all about getting to know it and knowing what makes it flourish.

When we collectively broaden our awareness of taking care of our varied textures, we see more and more juicy, balanced 4C hairstyles that make us fall in love all over again with our texture.

We’ve put our favourite 4C hairstyle inspiration together below.

  1. Updo with back mini weaves

                                       natural hair 1



  1. The side unique double updo


natural hair 2


  1. Multiple puffs

natural hair 3


  1. High puff


natural hair 4


 5. Leave it in a fro


Source: Above Whispers

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