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By Honey Olorunsola

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Do you know the most healthy meat? you’re right, its white meat. White meat I mean Chicken, turkey, rabbit meat and the likes of them. These meats are usually nutritious and taste really nice but I’ve heard a lot of people say they can’t eat a particular meat for a particular reason. For example, pork because it is gotten from pig, an animal believed to be very dirty. Fine, its okay to not want to eat pork but you still deserve a chance at eating healthy, nutritious and really tasty meats. I have a solution (drum rolls) …it is rabbit meat. If you really want one of the most healthy meats available, then you should probably try rabbit meat. Rabbit meat is one of the best white meats available in the market. It is delicious and also full of nutrients. I understand that it is not readily available in our regular supermarkets, this is because it is not mass-produced and not because it is not healthy. For a fact, it is almost cholesterol free and as a result, it is considered safe for even heart patients.

All my life, I always saw rabbit as a pet animal and not consumable but then, I remember growing up, each time my Dad travels especially to neighbouring states, even if he forgets to buy some other things home, he doesn’t forget to buy what is called eran igbe meaning bush meat. This meat tastes differently, especially when used in vegetable soups. I’m not saying its rabbit meat he brings home always but the point is the fact that they are usually considered a lot more healthy and with less amount of cholesterol.  Rabbit meat is more than just a delicacy, nutritionists say.

Jimmy Atuhaire, a dietician, says that consuming high amounts of saturated fats subjects one to greater risks of coronary heart diseases due to their high cholesterol content. Judging with this fact, rabbit meat is a great option and hence should be a substitute for the usual high cholesterol meat we consume daily. Another thing you should know about it is the fact that it can be consumed by both young and old because it helps in brain development and this means it should be included in your children’s meal.

One secret you might not even know is the fact that it boosts sexual performance. This is because it is an excellent source of zinc and zinc helps in the production of sex hormones. Rabbit meat is also highly beneficial to pregnant women. As we both know, doctors usually recommend easily digestible and full of nutrients meals to pregnant women and as a result, it is quite great to also include it in your diet if you’re a pregnant woman reading this.

One very important fact about it is this; it reduces the risk of cancer. Selenium, a non-metallic chemical element that boosts our immune system and helps destroy cancerous cells to a certain level is also present in the meat.

Most importantly, it tastes good, like really good. You really need to try it out. There are lots of other benefits not mentioned here but I can tell you confidently its one of the healthiest meats that exist and that needs to be included in your diet. If you’ve tasted it before, share your experience with us and if not, go on an adventure hunt to taste something new. We await your experience.

Source: Above Whispers

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