How Often Do You Go For Check-Ups

By Honey Olorunsola

A woman performs a breast self-examination.
A woman performs a breast self-examination.

I did a survey recently to confirm a particular suspicion of mine. My suspicion is this; a lot of people don’t normally go for checkups until probably when they’re sick and need to really visit the doctor. Even for a fact, some have never even done that before except if they’re seriously under the weather. I’m sure some of us even think it’s not necessary and that it’s probably even a waste of money. Some even go as far as saying that God is the one keeping us and that no amount of check-ups can do anything. Fine, I agree and accept that God is the one protecting us but truth is that there are some things God won’t do for us.

Why do we use drugs when some things get out of hand or why do we even visit the hospital when we can’t handle some things on our own? This issue right here is a very delicate one as a lot of people have died from situations that were noticed, should have been properly diagnosed and treated to avoid future serious implications.

Imagine, for example, I saw a movie on cancer awareness and in that movie, one funny yet sad situation that happened is this; a woman noticed a lump in her breast, she didn’t see it as anything. Eventually, it got bigger and she complained to her husband and the husband gave her a local cream to always rub on her breast. Over time, it grew out of control and the woman had to go to the hospital to get treatment alongside her husband. Fortunately, there was a treatment that could still save her and make her cancer-free but they eventually had to carry out what’s called mastectomy; a surgical procedure to remove a part or all of a breast. On the other hand in the same movie, there was another woman who has discovered a particular change in her body and went to see a doctor and she was told what was wrong with her and she was treated and was also cancer-free on the long run.

The bitter truth is this, some of the sicknesses or diseases we’ve ever been admitted for would have never really gotten deep into us if we had properly visited our doctors more often.

There are also things that have led to the deaths of a lot of people but if it was early detected and properly attended to, those people would not have died.

This is more like a plea and even a cry for you all to please go for a check-up more often and even if you’ve never done it, it’s never too late to start. The truth is this, you don’t even have to break the bank for it. You can have a conversation with your doctor on how to work things out. It doesn’t have to be every day or every week, it can be once in a month. Don’t even come with the excuse of being busy and you can’t visit the doctor. Those things will eventually be left alone and work out in your absence just in case something bad happens to you.

So then, what are we saying? It’s high time we took our health seriously. Stop living life just anyhow. CHANGE!! I hope you will after reading this. I await your health transformation story.

Source: Above Whispers

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