The Story Corner : The Benz Industry

By Onozasie


If you like call me amebo, gossip, whatever it is but you know that every one of us have an industry we belong to and without this industry, we cannot function. If I don’t bring you the gist, you will not be updated on the situations on social media (lol).  Have you noticed how actresses are buying cars left right and centre? What is my own? I am happy for them though, I mean, most of them are very new in the industry, they haven’t featured in more than two movies but the god of acting made them worthy to buy multi-millionaire cars in this corona period ooo.

C’mon! we are happy for them, I insist, we are, we know that the industry is vibrant and people are watching plenty of movies too or aren’t you watching movies? But social media has been buzzing o. The ones who have been in the industry since forever haven’t come online to tell us that they bought Benz o. They don’t live the kinda lives that these young ones live and we wonder if it’s not the same industry? Who are we to complain? Life is different for everyone. If there are other things that they do aside acting which we aren’t aware of, they should inform us so that we can join them to buy Benz too.  I didn’t say anything o. It’s what I saw social media that I am telling you about. What’s my own?



Source: Above Whispers

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