The Appropriate Way To ‘Own Up

by Kemi Momoh

Over the weeks, We have talked about black lives matter, followed it up on different social media platforms, shown our support, love, and empathy as well as criticizing those inhuman acts. But let’s bring it back home, how do we actually own up to our mistakes in various spheres of our lives; relationship, workspace, family, and love lives. Do we really apologise the right way?


There is definitely a right way to apologize and not make the person you hurt feel more aggravated. Usually what we are used to, is saying sorry and still making our actions justifiable. Yea, we do this. Below are some ways on how to own up to our mistakes:


Learn to just say sorry and mean it. Please stop trying to point out that you didn’t have the intention to hurt the person when you already did; if you didn’t you won’t have done whatever it is that got the person upset. Erase the “but”.


Listen to the other party/person. Open your heart and be genuinely understanding of the person’s plight. Don’t act like you know and make the person feel foolish without even listening. Don’t be insensitive!


Don’t compare situations. Many people may not necessarily get over things that might be seen as trivia so instead of saying “but I forgave you when you offended me or it’s something little you should have gotten over it”, reach out and take responsibility for your actions. A simple and sincere text message can just do the magic!


Communicate effectively how you feel. This is one approach that can save and strengthen the relationship between both parties. Expressing how you feel can not be overemphasized; talk about what got you upset, the language, tone, looks, anything just point it out and you just might be surprised as to how you do these things and never know that you do.


Also, always be kind to people. The stress is enough from the daily activities to be saddled with the task of being mistreated or taken for granted. Learn to cohabit with people in peace and harmony and own up to your mistakes.







Source: Above Whispers

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