The Story Corner : This Challenge Is Challenging

By Onozasie

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So, there’s been another trending challenge on social media and this has caused a lot of uproars. This challenge is called the #blackandwhitechallenge where women nominate other women and when you are nominated, you will upload a black and white picture of yourself and say something nice about #womensupportingotherwomen. Now, some women have been posting whilst some women have questioned the challenge that a lot of women do social media support but in real life, they are not supportive. I do think that it is not important for some people to speak about issues they aren’t interested in. If there are women who feel okay to do this, let them do it and if you don’t feel that way, it is fine too. But, the real gist is that this challenge isn’t just about women showing themselves support on social media, it is about the lives of women in Turkey.


There have been countless femicides in Turkey and the Turkish government is silent about it. They are even about to rip women off their fundamental rights. The faces of murdered victims are published in black and white photos and this was what started up the movement for women in Turkey, to tag themselves and upload their pictures cos since the government doesn’t want to be responsible for women, women have taken it upon themselves to start this movement till they are heard. The black and white challenge signifies the ordeal of women in Turkey and the fact that it could be any of them.

So, the other world people on the gram, started it and started to tag themselves. Well, it shows that a lot of women don’t understand the challenge, it is deeper than women supporting women in business, it is deeper than the gram. it is for justice.

In solidarity, we stand up for all the women around the world facing a form of injustice or the other. Please! #womenlivesmatter. #STOPKILLINGUS.

Source: Above Whispers

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