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The Story Corner : Where is Your Remote?

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Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Hellooooo to the fam.


I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard that BBNaija is back.  They have come back with the game and drama. I know some of you are wondering how especially during this COVID menace, don’t worry, auditions were done online and the finalists were isolated for two weeks before the premiere of the show.  This year’s show is tagged ‘Lockdown’ and ladies and gentlemen, these housemates came on to give us lockdown vibes. A lot of people have testified that these housemates came with their game on and on Saturday, they gave us vibes at the house party. There were kisses here and there because of the truth, they didn’t dance. The DJ didn’t do justice to his Djing and the guy was dragged on social media. Oh, the people of the world dragged the hell out of the guy that he had to speak up that there were technical issues and it’s not his fault. Anyway, some of the housemates have started sailing ships in the house o. They have started clinging to themselves and giving us the ‘couple vibes’ Well, during the house party, the angel of alcohol and vibes took over and there were little dance romances and kisses in between. Oh, well, that is the kinda content that a lot of people signed up for, take it or leave it.

Now the gist here is that some people have started to write articles talking about why the show should be banned bla bla. Nigerian youths don’t want to grow etc. See, they didn’t glue your eyes to the show and the show isn’t for everyone. To think that some people are very jobless to be writing the dos and don’ts for people who do not even care about their existence? Hold on, those people talking about how bad the show is, please do you understand the kinda platform that BBN gives talents in Nigeria and for jazz sakes, they are adults! they are not babies and hold on a sec… how many ‘serious contents’ have some of those ranting engaged with?  I believe that nobody has the central remote to anyone’s television. Switch it off if you don’t want to watch abi?  Please, don’t stress our blood.


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  1. Well said! You couldn’t have put it any better. I wonder why there’s a lot of hullabaloo for a show, if you don’t like it don’t watch it! Simple!

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