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The Story Corner : People’s Fathers and Grand Fathers

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020
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Ladies and gentlemen… don’t worry. I know you are about to ask me ‘where have you been?’ I have been compiling gist oooo. Now, I am back to give you on a back to back level. Have you seen what’s been happening on social media now? Oh! my dearest country is on a cruise o. I will break it down for you to comprehend it. So, there’s this investigation that led to the opening of a can of worms of a popular ministry in Nigeria, it is called the NDDC (Niger Delta Development Commission) this commission was created to help the riverine, oil endowed areas of the country. There are supposed to build projects that can help their communities. People! if you have been to the Niger-Delta, you will understand that ‘nothing is going on there’ that means, the people in charge are doing nada! So, these people were investigated and the panel discovered embezzlement. These guys have been stealing money for projects and keeping in their pockets! This led to the creation of a committee to interrogate the guys in charge, they were called to come and defend themselves, to explain to Nigerians what they did and have been doing with our money. My money and your money! Ladies and gentlemen, that’s where the issues started from o.


The acting Chairman of the commission formed fainting for us o. As the panel was drilling him, Oga fainted o and some ‘good samaritans’ came to his rescue by patting his back and pulling his mouth wide open. I guess the mouth pain was getting too much, the man had to hold the hands of the man pulling his mouth. Loool. Hay God! See ehn! I am not getting these guys anymore but the question is, do we ever get them? That’s not all ooooo… Then, the minister in charge of the ministry came up for his own session and broke the whole table! Man, destroyed the damn table!

How? I will share now, don’t you trust me again? Oga minister was brought forward and as one of the panellists asked him a question, that’s how he responded by saying most of the fake projects they even awarded sef were awarded to members of our House of Assembly. Yes! you heard that right. Members of the House of Assembly and the whole table broke. The chairman of the committee was trying to shut him up but man already disclosed to Nigerians and we have come to see that, the hunter, the bushmeat, are all in the same pot of soup.

Are you tired of seeing these things happen over and over again? oh well! we are all very tired and the best we can do at the moment is ‘create memes, videos’ and people will laugh and people’s fathers will be disgraced but the way forward? Oh Well!!!


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