Germany Makes Upskirting A Crime

by Reuters

Germany is making upskirting, surreptitiously taking photographs or filming under a person’s clothing, a criminal offence punishable with fines or up to two years in prison.


Upskirting has become an increasing concern in many countries following the advent of mobile phone cameras. In many cases, images or videos are shared on porn sites, social media or other platforms.

England and Wales outlawed upskirting last year and France in 2018.

“Photographing up a woman’s skirt or down her shirt is a shameless violation of her privacy, which will be punishable in the future,” said Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht.

Calls to criminalise upskirting were fuelled by a petition by two German women last year, one of whom said she had been upskirted twice as a teenager.

The women, film student Hanna Seidel and journalist Ida Sassenberg, were inspired by British activist Gina Martin, who spearheaded a similar campaign which made the practice a crime in Britain.


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