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The Story Corner: Reunion Balderdash

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Friday, June 12th, 2020
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This reunion party is becoming too dramatic. Hold on, some of us aren’t shocked though because we know that reality shows come with a lot of drama. So, the BBNaija #pepperdem housemates have been in our faces due to their reunion show. Why? there will soon be a new show and these housemates have been called together to clear the air around some of the issues that happened in the house and maybe outside the house and it’s been war o.


Yesterday’s own was quite lit online, it got a lot of tongues wagging. Omashola and the Winner Mercy Lambo got into a serious fight on the show because of a statement Omashola used at Mercy whilst in the house. He called her a prostitute and that statement sparked in her head and it became a serious issue.  Baby girl couldn’t have it and neither could Omashola and they started calling each other names, they were almost hitting on each other. Oh well, they ended in peace but it wasn’t a funny one. They almost scattered the set.


My people, I think this reunion has been too much of an anger display than sweet, loving and entertaining. It doesn’t have to be too aggressive to be entertaining and these set of ex-housemates ehn.. They are all out for each other in a very toxic way. I hope they end it soon cos we cannot wait to meet the new housemates even though we are not sure what to expect from them. Anyway, we will all be fine las las.

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