The Story Corner : We Are Not Joking

By Onozasi


Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the time to be cynical. This is not the time to be insensitive. This is not the time to act stupidly. Have you seen what some ladies are doing online? In light of this serious rape cases in the country, some women are using this medium for clouts. They are coming up with false allegations. I don’t understand why some people would think that this is the time for them to be stupid. These are the issues holding us back because when there are rape allegations and you start to prop up fake allegations, how do you want us to get the real cases solved? How? I would like that we understand how sensitive these issues are and do not joke around these issues. Do not joke with an issue as serious as rape. No! If you are caught, you will be jailed.

Source: Above Whispers

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