The Story Corner : Their Butts Are Out

By Onozasi



With the recent happenings, everyone is woke. People have come out to speak their truth. Nobody is keeping quiet anymore. We have seen people write on their Timelines how some notable men raped them. How they were taken advantage of. People in the movie industry have come out to speak too. Some actors and producers have been harassing women sexually. They have been taking advantage of the newbies in the industry.


Also, some musicians aren’t left out, women have come out to call out some musicians for sexual molestation. In fact, the recent one was that of a musician known as Peruzzi.  He actually tweeted on rape some years ago and the internet never ever forgets such. As the allegation against him came up, his tweet was brought back to his face as he denied the allegation filed against him. Do we believe that he is innocent? I think Nigerians aren’t that gullible. They do not believe his apology letter. The fact that he tweeted that someone should be raped is enough evidence that he is a rapist. Anyway, let us see how these dramas will unfold and end. Let us see if our dear Nigeria will rise and punish rapists. We are here, we are watching because sincerely, time is up!

Source: Above Whispers

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