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The Story Corner : Na this Matter We Dey Settle

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Friday, May 29th, 2020
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On this street of social media, we cannot have enough. it is not possible. Live sessions upon live sessions, revealing secrets upon secrets. So, some days back I gave you the gist about an ace producer that was called out by one female musician and all of that… This producer has come out to defend himself o. It was during a live session that he revealed to people that this artist owes him. She went against the contract she signed and left abruptly. He invested 40million naira on her and never had his returns. He also told us that he never told her to take off her name, she wanted to change her name by herself. This matter don taya all of us o.


Now, we don’t know what to do but the artist in question also came out to say that, she is not fighting the producer, the producer was good to her. Shey you all can see what is happening now? who do we believe or what do we go by? Now, people who were against the guy have been apologizing to him. Well, if all he said were true, he indeed deserves an apology and the other male musician who came out to also drag his name, this producer said he had nothing to do with the guy’s career that the said guy also spoke to him some months back pleading with him to have a comeback. Pleaseeeeeeeee… what is going on?  Whatever it is, let them settle their matter and let the entertainment industry be a well-structured one.

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