The Story Corner: The Hacker and The Hacked

By Onozasi

Just in case you missed this gist, I am here to keep you updated. So, one of our aunties in the entertainment scene was trending yesterday. Why? we were on our own jeje o when we saw photos of her chest and butt online. Well, as a musician and as a sexy one at that, we didn’t see it coming.  Even though, some of us didn’t see this as a big deal because this isn’t the first time we will be seeing ‘nakedness’ from the angle of our female celebrities. We didn’t even bother until she made a statement that her Instagram page got hacked. Ah! that statement now made a lot of people react.


Well, technically, this isn’t the first time that hackers will hack pages but with the trend of hackers, we know that they don’t bring out naked pictures of the person. It is very strange. She said she was hacked and some of her friends online and offline started to repost to tell people to report the page but to be sincere, a lot of people didn’t buy into it. In fact, some celebs were throwing shade. Some said if you want to trend, trend with the whole of your chest.

Who do we trust? Well, quite a number of people think it is PR stunt but when the person involved claimed something different, what do we do? we move! lol… I just hope that auntie Seyi is fine sha because with the way they came for her yesterday ehnn… it’s not funny at all. Hopefully, her page has been recovered.

Source: Above Whispers

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