The Story Corner : 1 million Boys

By Onozasi


If you haven’t heard this, come and hear now o. Power has changed hands even though this isn’t something we should laugh over or be proud of. Did you remember when I shared the story of bandits going about some areas of Lagos to steal from people during this lockdown?

To be sincere, this thing is not a joke. These boys have been tagged 1 million boys, going about breaking into the houses of people to take their belongings and the community members have been upping their security game with the help of us some of our security operatives in the country. The most recent one is the attack around Gbagada area of Lagos. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 1 million boys went to that area to rob and they were dealt with. The area boys in that vicinity dealt with them. They showed them pepper. They beat the hell out of them. Videos and pictures went up online.  It is said that the 1 million boys met 10 million boys! lol

Source: Above Whispers

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