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The Story Corner : BumBum On The Gram

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Monday, April 20th, 2020
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Ladies and gentlemen, this lockdown saga is becoming serious and our artists are trying to engage their followers on the gram. Now, in as much as some people are doing some great content online, some of our artists are doing the most, in my opinion though. There is this trend of some of our male artists going live on Instagram and telling their female followers to shake their butt online, in fact, they are told to twerk and some of these babes are doing the most. I mean, some babes are doing the most. They rub their butt in oil and twerk to get a cash gift. It is like an auditioning for girls to come show their butt and get a price for it. Now, no one is forcing them to do it as some would say but at the same time, some people think it is demeaning. If you want to give gifts, there are better ways to engage your followers, it is like ridiculing the female gender but at the same time, the argument is, are the babes complaining? oh well…

We hope we get over this coronavirus thing as soon as possible.

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