Unleash The Power Of Polarity

Is your partner holding back, forcing you to initiate every time? Or is your partner the one who takes action? It’s okay if either one is the case – in fact, it’s natural and it does not necessarily lead to a lack thereof or no passion in relationships. You and your partner are different, but herein lies the beauty – the power of polarity. In any successful relationship, there’s a person with masculine energy and one with feminine energy. These energies don’t necessarily correspond to gender.

You may believe that common interests are what bring people together, and sometimes that might be true. While common values and goals are important to the success of a relationship, common needs and personalities are not. Although having things in common with your partner is wonderful, opposites really do attract and how to get passion back in your relationship may hinge on these differences.

Do you remember how attracted to your partner’s natural energy you were when you first met? Is it really that hard to go back to that state? Your natural energies already work together in amazing ways, so there is no sense hiding, denying or suppressing your real selves. Appreciate both the masculine and feminine energies and understand they need each other to thrive.

Explore your natural polarity with your partner. You don’t need a clone –you need an invigorating, exciting life partner who challenges and excites you. You want and need your partner to stimulate you in new ways that are unavailable to you without them. They want you to do the same thing for them, so you owe it to yourself and your partner to be your authentic self.



If the relationship is worth committing to, you need to take risks and make sacrifices to provide elements of uncertainty and passion. Go back to the question of what you would do for the one you loved. Anything, right? If you’ve mastered yourself and you’ve achieved clarity in, and focus on, your outcomes, what’s stopping you from meeting them? What’s stopping you from doing everything possible to make your partner happy and figuring out how to get passion back in your relationship?

If you haven’t committed and you’re weighing your options, your relationship is dying. You already have one foot out of the door. What do you truly want? What is it that you’re after? If you’ve achieved that level of personal mastery and you’re focused, you must commit. Commit to working through conflict and communicating openly with your partner. Commit to meeting their needs and to creating joy in your relationship. Commit to changing and addressing no passion in your relationship today.

What risks have you been avoiding in your relationship? How have you put yourself out there? What have you given or added to the relationship?

Experiment with ways of giving. Be creative and watch to see what your partner responds to the best. When you see patterns, think about what those things have in common and give your partner more. Don’t give up if you try something that doesn’t work. Trial and error is part of the process and being flexible will lead to fixing lack of passion in a relationship. Just keep watching and talking to your partner and learn as much from your failures as you do from your successes. Indeed, it’s only failure if you failed to learn.

Don’t let fear restrict your willingness to give, grow and learn. Remove whatever barriers you might have erected to protect yourself in moments of pain or sorrow. Intimacy demands laying yourself bare and opening yourself up. Don’t expect to succeed without a true, deep connection with your partner. This can be challenging, but you can do it, and you’ve already started by acknowledging your barriers and letting them down – so relax, breathe deeply and enjoy yourself. Feeling no passion in your relationship can more easily be addressed once protective walls come down.

Source: tonyrobbins.com

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