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The Story Corner : Hunger, Robbery, Lockdown

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Monday, April 13th, 2020

What shall we say to these times, we say let it pass. We are tired.


Have you heard you about the unrest in Ogun state and some parts of Lagos, Nigeria?  The streets aren’t safe these days in some parts of Lagos and Ogun state. Thieves have been breaking into the homes of people and stealing their properties. In fact, community members have now taken it upon themselves to protect themselves. This lockdown season has brought out petty criminals. A lot of people came online to call the attention of the police to it while some people said it’s hunger that is pushing those boys to steal. Now, there’s supposed to be a disbursement of food items and money to everyone and that went under the carpet but the truth is, in as much as we understand the times, it is important to scale up security in all areas. There is no light, there is no security and it is frustrating. My prayer is that everything should go away as soon as possible and we go back to normal.

Please be safe. Please, be security conscious.

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