Prevention And Combating Of Corruption Bureau Worried Over Increasing GBV Cases In Tanzania

By Meddy Mulisa


THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has called for intensified efforts in fighting gender violence which also violates human rights.

Kagera Regional PCCB Chief, Mr John Joseph explained that gender violence incidents were on the increase but the victims do not report them to relevant authorities for necessary action.

“PCCB cannot work alone. We need public cooperation in fighting the vice. The media can effectively educate members of the public on their obligations and rights.

Under Section 25 of the PCCB Act, 2007, any person being in position of power or authority who in the exercise of his authority demands sexual favours or any other favour on a person as a condition for giving employment, promotion, right, privilege of preferential treatment commits an offense and on conviction he will be liable to pay a fine not exceeding 5m/-or imprisonment not exceeding three years or both,” he said

Expounding further, he said between 2016 and 2017, about 391 sexual-related cases were reported to PCCB in the country.

Out of the number, 46 cases were followed and 11 cases were prosecuted in court while in five cases the suspects were jailed.

However, he said during the same period, only two cases were reported in Kagera Region…this clearly indicates that rape victims and sexually assaulted women and girls do not show up to report the cases.

 They, instead, suffer silently while others contract serious diseases, including HIV/AIDS. He also warned against the growing trend where a few traffic police corruptly obtain money pretending that they will later pay notification fine on behalf of the driver.

“Under Section 31 of the PCCB Act, any person who intentionally abuses his position in performing his duties contrary to the law or uses such position for the purpose of obtaining undue advantage for himself commits an offence and on conviction, he shall be liable to pay a fine not exceeding 5m/-or imprisonment not exceeding three years or both,” he warned.

Meanwhile, at least 194 anti-corruption clubs comprising 3,441 members have been established in various schools in Kagera Region in an effort to fight corruption.

Mr Joseph noted that the clubs were established in primary and secondary schools and colleges, adding that about 2,300 new members were expected to be registered this year.

He said establishing such anti-corruption clubs involving students is very important because children are moulded at a tender age to be good future leaders.

Mr Joseph noted that many complaints received by his office were land-related, where people complained against the issuance of land permits and inheritance.

According to him, Ward Tribunals were also another area with many complaints, where investigations revealed that some members of the Land Tribunals were either ignorant or greedy thus violating existing by-laws

Source: Tanzania Daily News

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