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The Story Corner : Stubborn Goats

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Monday, March 23rd, 2020
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With all the drama going on in the world right now as per #COVID-19 and upon the preventive measures that different countries affected with this pandemic are taking to prevent the spread, some of our people, our Nigerian people have refused to hear word o. They have refused to listen to instructions. Ladies and gentlemen, they have refused to listen. Could you believe that some annoying people went to church today? I am tired of us as people. Simple, basic instructions ooo. No. They won’t listen.


Medical experts know what they are saying and even God knows what those medical experts are saying to us, maybe they are trying to show off as those that love God the most but the truth is, if not for ignorance ehn…  The church is just a building. The main thing is having your fellowship with God. Even schools are being closed down, offices etc.. So, I don’t understand o. I even saw a video of a pastor preaching that Coronavirus isn’t in Nigeria. Hian! we will not kill ourselves in this country out of foolishness. In fact, the Bishop of a renowned church in Nigeria still conducted service. I mean… Madness is just everywhere.

Stay safe people.

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