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The Story Corner : Corona On Tour

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Monday, March 16th, 2020
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People of the world, the way Corona virus has been going from city to city is scary mehn.  First, from China to Iran, to Italy, To America, To some African countries.  I really don’t know what to make of this virus but it’s a no respecter of persons. Right now, the manager of Arsenal football club has been infected thereby causing the premier league to be suspended until April. There is a Hollywood film director who also got infected with his wife in Australia where they were shooting a movie.



Everyone has been trying to take precautions.  As it is right now, prevention is better than cure. Everyone is trying to be hygienic, no unnecessary hugging, and holding of hands. Please, we cannot come and die.  But funnily enough, what you need to do to prevent the virus is by doing the simple hygiene. By washing your hands and making sure your environment is very clean. These are simple things we’ve taken for granted and now, Corona is here to remind us of the importance of this. Let me also tell you, I heard that hand sanitisers have become pretty scarce. A lot of people are rushing to buy hand sanitizer but it is important that you wash your hand with soap. Sanitisers cannot do it alone and make sure you wash your meat and cook them thoroughly.

I wish us good health.

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