The Story Corner : Another One, Issa Banger

By Onozasi


You see, the drama on social media can never finish. Just when you think you are done with one, another one surfaces.   Our table shaker Nollywood actress, TontoDikeh has taken another table to shake o. She took to her Instagram page and started a story about how a lot of married women are married to gay men. Men who have male sleeping partners but do it secretly. Then she went on and asked if a woman woke up one day to discover that her husband’s gay, what would you advise her to do? Well, according to her, she walked away from that marriage. Listen, go back, read that line again… Yes, she said ‘she walked’ away meaning that she has been married to a gay man before.



Excuse me please, Tonto just told us again that her ex-husband is gay and oh well, we have heard a lot of things about this man. Did you remember when she did a series about this man, calling him different things and all… well, she has added another one to his many names and this one is a shocker. We are yet to hear from the man but we know we would hear from him and social media has been on fire since then. Some people think she is overdoing it, some people think she is struggling to let the man go. some people think she is just looking for social media clouts as usual… so many things involved but as it is right now. Auntie has dropped another banger and all I can say is, watch this space. Don’t ask me what I think o. I am not even bothered. All I want is the gist.

Source: Above Whispers

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