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By Onozasi




‘God when’ ‘God When’, go out, you will not go out, meet with people, no oo.. you will not and you will be shouting ‘God When’ anyway, let me inform you, they have brought another one to our TV screens o. It is called ‘The Ultimate Love show’. This show is for those looking to find love. They’ve started airing the show and it’s been okay. There are 16 contestants and they want to find their ‘ultimate love’ and when they do, they will get a prize for it. This one is not a matter of finding love and laying low, you find the love and get money.


The winning couple will be given 5million naira and a well sponsored traditional wedding. Oya, those of you who were shouting ‘God when’ at the previous post, why didn’t you people go for this? what were you all thinking? So, you think your love will walk through your door and announce that ‘I am love oo and I have come’ You are joking!  Anyway, my job isn’t to tell about how to find love. The show is airing on DSTV, the same channel that aired the BBnaija show. So, for those who are interested in this, you have 8weeks to enjoy and vote your favourite housemate.

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : The Love Show

  1. Funminiyi February 12, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    loooooool. We get the sub o. Well done.


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