Opinion poll: How Often Should Lovers Communicate? See what people are saying

By Oluwakemi Adelagun

Every relationship is unique, there is really no hard or fast rule about how often you should communicate with your partner, however, the reward of having good communication cannot be overemphasized.
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Communication is the cornerstone of a relationship and it creates connection. Lack of communication brings a big disconnect between lovers. Never expect your lover to read your mind, communicate instead.
Above Whispers did an opinion poll to know people’s stance on the aforementioned question.
”Damilola emphasized that lovers should be in touch with each other by communicating daily. She also advised that lovers should choose a medium best suitable to them, it could be calls, chat, or video.
It is of utmost importance for lovers to communicate every day, “compulsory at least twice a day.”
Joshua could not agree less with Damilola as he says that it is important to talk at least once daily, then at night, it is necessary that they chat before sleep call.
In addition, Dare opines that you should talk to your significant other at any given opportunity even when you have nothing to say to each other.
Mrs Marina explained that communication is the fuel that will keep the relationship running, therefore communication should be regularly. 
On a lighter note, someone said he wouldn’t know as he is still searching.
However, Babatunde said that he talks to his lover many times in one day, which includes calls and chats. And there is an agreed time for calls too. 
Blessing added that people in a relationship should communicate as often as possible, in so far they are chanced.
Many of our opinion-makers reached a consensus that lovers ought to communicate daily.
On the contrary, Enoch is of the opinion that they should chat or communicate once in two or three days. 
He added that “If calls are frequent, chatting might not be so frequent, vice versa.
Having read all these opinions, it is essential you do not compare your relationship with another, study to understand each other’s communication style and do what works for both of you.
Source: Above Whispers

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