The Story Corner : Who Owns The Man

By Onozasi

the face

Helloo… Excuse me please, Can I borrow your ears for some minutes? Oh Yeah. That is right, sit right and let us have this conversation. On the streets of Instagram, there’s been a picture of a man roaming here and there… Babes have been posting this man as their boyfriend even though he is acclaimed to be the boyfriend of an actress in Nigeria. Oh, well… Uncle is rich, he is fine and rumour has it that he is the kinda meal EFCC is looking to have (yahoo boy something) but I don’t know how true that is o.

In fact, one Kayamata seller on IG has posted his picture twice that babes are asking for the kind of kayamata to use on the man cos they are all claiming to be his girl.  So, the question is, who owns the man? who’s the real love of the man or is it all for social media and clout? Oh, well… On these streets of social media, there’s nothing we wouldn’t encounter and anything can happen!!! This is the newest gist right now and I shall be back to let you know if there’s been any development in the story.

Source: Above Whispers

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