Botswana Disclaims Corona Virus News

The Ministry notes with concern the misleading information circulating on social media particularly Facebook and WhatsApp, about Coronavirus situation in the country.

Contrary to circulating information, Botswana as a country has NOT reported any confirmed cases of coronavirus. The country has rather acknowledged five SUSPECTED cases of Coronavirus.

Social media users are therefore sensitised to always check the source of their material to avoid circulating/sharing misleading and distressing information.


Official correspondence is written on a letterhead, bears current date, and signatures of government officials, their names and positions.

The Ministry continues to monitor the situation closely in consultation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and assures the nation that new information on coronavirus will be communicated as and when it is available.

The public is further advised to rely on the Ministry for updates on coronavirus through our official website ( or Facebook page (Ministry of Health and Wellness, Republic of Botswana).

Source: Government of Botswana

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