Don’t Be A Helicopter Parent, Learn These Skills

By Oluwakemi Adelagun

There is no defined technique for parenting. But with the internet, you would easily get tips from “parenting experts” but this can be contradictory sometimes.
What you should know is that parenting involves promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development, of a child from birth to adulthood.
Parents and stories
When a parent is a type who watches every aspect of the life of a child, consistently, especially when such child is a grown-up, he or she is termed a “helicopter parent.” like helicopters, the “hover overhead.”
Some studies suggest that overprotective, overbearing or over-controlling parents are cause long-term mental health problems on their children.
Family is what you make of it, your child or children might not be biological, you might be a foster parent. Whichever way, you remain the caretaker of these children and having great parenting skills will come in handy for you.
Above Whispers brings to you a few but effective skills to help you in raising your child well. As you learn and use these skills, over time, you will notice delightful changes in your children.
1. Let them see the love between you and your spouse: A healthy and low conflict home have higher chances of raising admirable children.
2. Be deliberately involved: This can be time-consuming, but hey, you are contributing positively to a secured future for them. Be there physically and mentally. Teach them to learn selflessness.
3. Try not to yell at them; This sounds impossible because children will always act childish. A research finding revealed that the more you yell at them, the worse they become. Instead, learn to understand their perspectives. Speak to them politely, pay attention to them when they are talking to you. Your child has his or her own feelings and perception.
5. Ensure to assign tasks, set rules: This will teach them responsibility, duty, diligence and cooperation early in life. It will help them to go through the process and not to seek shortcuts. It will also shape them into a reliable and trustworthy person in life.
6. Give them positive feedback: Commend them often, should you want to criticise them, do so constructively. In no time, they will view challenges in the positive light. Focus on their positive behaviour more than their negative one.
7. Let them make their choice: Many a time, parent tend to impose their choice on their children. Let them partake in decision making too.
8. Never teach them bribery: You might say, no, I have never done that before. For instance, if you gave your child candy in other for him/her to perform a task.  This will invariably send the wrong signal, that to do the right thing, a reward must be involved.
Source: Above Whispers

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