The Story Corner : Death Rumours

By Onozasi

If you have been on the streets of IG lately, you would have seen some of your favourite celebrities debunking rumours here and there. First, of, someone posted that the winner of BBN 2019 and her family members died in a car crash and seriously, I still don’t understand why people peddle such news.  After broadcasting that rumour on social media, they came for our snap and IG celeb, bobrisky.



They claimed that she died and people started retweeting to confirm the news. Mehn! I was quite horrified and knowing well that it’s a lie, I wondered what might be happening.  Mercy, the winner of BBN 2019 took to her Instagram page to debunk the lies and told everyone spreading such to desist from that. Her elder sister also took to her page and actually cursed the people behind such news wishing them death. Oh well, will you blame her? Then, bobrisky also took to his page and lambasted those behind such news. He wished them death and said he would slay at their funeral (mad o). Lol. So, to those behind such, death isn’t a thing you wish other people even if you want to trend. That is too much a joke and though some people said sometimes, these celebrities employ PR companies who handle such in a bid to put them in the news and cause all the drama. Whichever one it is, I don’t know but my duty is to keep y’all abreast of what’s up on social media and that’s all. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Lol.

Source: Above Whispers

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