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The Story Corner : InstaJazz

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Thursday, January 9th, 2020
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Happy New year Fammmmmmmm… Welcome to 2020. 

I wanted to turn a new leaf this year but then I decided not to make y’all starve of the banging news on social media. People of God, babes aren’t taking it easy on different levels. Them girls want to get married by force, they want rich men to eye them, date them and lavishly spend on them. They want to have hot pussy that can make a man forget his credit cards in their hands. I am sure you are wondering what’s happening yeah?  Let me explain, the rate at which jazz sellers are making money on the gram is very alarming.  You see people selling ‘Attraction powder, do as I say powder, money kit, pussy sweetener’ and in your mind as a Yoruba girl, you are like ‘shey o gun laye ni? (is this a do or die affair?) well, it is for some babes o.


They are selling these things to babes who want romance, babes who want to fly high and get married by force and the way girls are buying these things with testimonies on the side is scary. These women who sell these things on the gram, give prescriptions. ‘do not use it during your period’ ‘do not touch the ground after usage’ and for those who want their pussy to be as hot as fire during sex so that the man can create the wonders of the world with his money after sex, they have something for them too. I came across one on social media who said those who use her pussy sweetener must not pee after usage and must drink lots of water and I am like, wait, after drinking lots of water, I should not pee ontop say wetin na?


Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, better keep praying for the men you have your lives and to those men who keep roaming around looking for what is not missing, I PITY YOU.

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