Prayer And The Word

By Princess Arira


Faith 2
The word of God transform our lives, and for it to happen we must hear and do the word of God. When we hear the word of God, the first thing to do is to receive it with meekness. We should also listen to it consistently, what you hear consistently you will do eventually. One of the things that help us grow as believers is the study of the word and prayer.
Prayer is an expression of our faith, it establishes us in Faith. Prayer is the backbone of our confession, it can change anything. Therefore, we pray about everything. We pray on the premise of what we have heard and believed of God that whenever we pray He hears us.
Premises for prayers.,
Premises of relationship: We pray and believe that we have received answers because of our relationship with the Father (our fellowship as sons).
Premises of the fact that the Father will hear us: We pray because we believe that the Father will hear us.
When should we pray?
* A time we set aside for prayer
* In the gathering of believers
* When we have the divine prompting to pray.
* When there is a crisis
What to expect when we pray:
* Strength
* Boldness
* Unusual workings of faith
* Specific instructions.
Don’t aim for praying long, aim for consistency. Consistency is key in Prayer!!
Bible references;
Acts 20:28-32, 1 Tim 4:13, Col 2:6-7, Jude 1:20,  Josh 5:14, John 11:42, James 1:18, Luke 18:1-8.
Source: Above Whispers

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