The Story Corner : Cardi/Chioma B

By Onozasi

Nooooooo… Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the gist that one of the hottest female American rappers came to Nigeria. Oh yeahhhhh!!! Cardi B performed in Lagos last weekend and it was lit. Well, some of us didn’t attend the event physically but we sat on the online space and enjoyed every bit of the show. But the real gist isn’t about her performance, it is about what happened while she was in Nigeria. When she arrived, she visited some clubs and strip clubs in Nigeria and as typical of Cardi B, she did some videos of herself with some of the strippers, she was spraying them in dollars. After that, she went to a store where she got some things and gave to an orphanage home and she really said nice things about Nigeria, that’s where the drama started.



Trust Nigerians to always have a say on everything, they started praising her, they called her humble, nice, good, humane. They said she is quite approachable unlike some of our local celebrities. But guess what? our local celebrities didn’t take it likely ooo. They dragged Nigerians for being hypocritical. They accused most Nigerians of liking everything foreign, they said if a local celebrity had gone to the strip club to catch some fun we would accuse them of promoting immorality, we would abuse those who did plastic surgery but now Cardi came and we are all praising her…

Anyway, what shall we say? Cardi B has gone back home and she said she misses Nigeria. My sister, I wished you stayed for longer in traffic but then, you visited the fanciful part of Nigeria..let me keep my mouth shut. I like the fact that she had fun though. She gave herself a Nigerian name ‘Chioma’ and that’s where the name Chioma B came from…


I have dropped my gist sha.


Source: Above Whispers

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