The Story Corner : Bob And Bestie

By Onozasi

You know I cannot carry last with gist making the rounds on social media and I am here to serve you hot.   Some days ago, auntie-uncle Bobrisky wrote online that he shares the same bra with his best friend, Tonto Dikeh, the Nollywood actress and Instagram celebrity. Right now, I don’t understand what to use now, he or she… Okay, uncle said he is now ‘a she’ so I will use she for her. She (Bob) said she now uses the same bra size as her Bestie ooooo.



She said there was a day she was looking for her bra in the same room with her bestie, that’s how she decided to use her bestie’s bra and it was her exact size. Now, this update on social media, cos she took to her page to tell us about it but then, the people of social media started talking. Like ma, when did you start growing breasts that you are now competing with those blessed with breasts from heaven, naturally blessed with breasts. (I didn’t say it o, it is what they said that I am sharing o) So, some people said she should stop flaunting like the breasts came up naturally, he worked for it. That is, he did surgery to get what she has now.

The way Bob has become feminine ehn, you will doubt if she was ever a man. They said it is the power of surgery and she confirmed that her doctor is very brilliant. Anyway, we just hope that the breasts don’t drop down anytime soon… abi? (I didn’t say it, I am just thinking aloud)

Source: Above Whispers

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