The Story Corner : We Are In Dubai

By Onozasi

Ladies and gentlemen, happy new week ooooo. Come and hear something, first of all, let me inform y’all, I am in Dubai as I write this. Oh well, Yes, I went for an event in Dubai but if you see me on your street later today, we are all in Dubai! [don’t stress me}. So, the gist on social media is that a lot of our stars, I mean Nigerian celebrities are in Dubai.


There is a show in Dubai (One Africa Fest) and a lot of our celebrities are in Dubai to support the show and promote the show cos you know no one hypes better than Nigerians. So, since the beginning of the show our celebrities in Dubai have been showing off o. They have been taking pictures, flooding our timeline from Dubai and I must confess, the pictures are very lovely. The buzz on social media about this Dubai trip has got everyone talking, some very extra fans of some celebrities started asking why they didn’t attend the show. Some of them started dropping comments online asking their faves why they didn’t go to Dubai while some very very extra people started showing off photoshop pictures of themselves in Dubai. My sister, that is why, right now, Me sef, I dey Dubai.

We are all in this Dubai together, someone cannot be mounting pressure on me on social media.

Please, if you are in Dubai with me, drop your comments below. Fin!

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : We Are In Dubai

  1. Maveedah November 18, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    Am in Ado-Dubai o…..They can’t stress me too…looool


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