The Story Corner : All For The Album

By Onozasi

Happy November My people!!! I have missed every one of you ooo but don’t worry, I went to gather gist from far and near and yes, the eagle has landed!!! They didn’t beat me to it, I escaped before they could.

So, some days back, some girls came on social media and accused one of our Hip-Hop stars of impregnating one of them. They said they have been trying to get in touch with him but uncle has been running away from picking their calls. They said they wanted everyone to be aware of this so that uncle can be called to order. Okay! when some of us saw the story, we were wondering why uncle would do that kinda thing cos he just had a baby with his long-time girlfriend in the UK. We were still happy about the news when those babes did their video and posted on social media accusing this new dad of not taking full responsibility for what he caused.  Are you following me? Mr Hip-Hop star, Mr New Dad, came online and said he would deal with those bitches accusing him wrongly, in fact, he said of all the good things he had done for people this was how he would be repaid? We(on the social media streets) started campaigning for the babes to be arrested. Only for us to see another post from these babes that same evening that they were just joking about it… and we’re like, what??? are you kidding?



They said they were joking and Nigerians had taken it seriously. It’s like they don’t know this social media street.  The accused didn’t take it likely o. He said he was going to arrest them and sue them of 30million naira! Mad things! Social media brethren got on the matter, they shouted Aye!!! Do as you wish. Make them get punished for this. Two days ago, we saw that he arrested the babes and that started another uproar cos according to the law, he had no rights to do that. That aside, in the evening of that day, we saw these same babes cruising in a swimming pool, living Lavida Loca and we were like, please, have we been used for stunt here? Apparently, Yes! Uncle did all he did with these girls just to promote his new album #Risky. See ehn, don’t even ask my opinion about this okay? allow me to gist my gist in peace cos Local Woman is very tired right now. Mr OBO has done his bid and he got almost every one of us. Well… you can share your thoughts in the comment section but right now, I am too tired to be bothered. See ya later Fam.

Source: Above Whispers

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