Venezuela And Sudan Begin Bilateral Cooperation Talks

The Minister of Energy and Mining, Engineer Adil Ali Ibrahim, Monday received the Ambassador of Venezuela to Sudan, Deiby U.Colmenares, and discussed the bilateral cooperation between two countries in the energy and mining fields.

Ibrahim expressed the hope of Sudan to benefit from expertise and abilities of Venezuela in the energy and mining fields, referring the larges opportunities in Sudan at mining, oil production and exploration fields.

he said that Sudan needs modern technology, exchanging knowledge and training, affirming his readiness to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries by reactivating agreements that were signed in the power and mining domains.


The Ambassador of Venezuela affirmed the desire of his country to boost the cooperation between the two countries and reactivating the agreements signed by them in number of economic, educational fields as well as in the exchange of technical experience, adding that Venezuela obtains a long history in power and mining production, besides a special educational institute in these domains.

He affirmed the desire of Venezuelan companies to invest in Sudan.

Source: Sudan News Agency

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