The Story Corner : #OnitshaFire

By Onozasi

If you have been on the streets of social media, you would have seen this story. This is not an interesting story at all, this is a sad event.  A very terrible fire incident happened at Ochanja Market in Onitsha, it was reported that a fuel tanker exploded there and everywhere went on fire. The videos, the pictures are so horrible.  Firefighters were nowhere to be found. The fire service in the state as reported was as dead as a forgotten tomb and this was what made the whole thing more frustrating and destabilizing. The fact that lives could have been saved made it way annoying that the tragic incident could have been avoided. There was loss of lives and properties.onitsha-tanker-fire

Though you know the streets of social media won’t allow it pass, they have started calling out the governor of the state. In fact ehn, there is a car-producing plant in that state and the governor could have just bought good fire tankers and made the services reliable for incidents like this but as it were, we are in the part of the world where almost or permit me to say absolutely nothing works.

We pray that God helps the families involved to get past this.


Source: Above Whispers

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