The Story Corner : Bye Bye To Tacha Tacha

By onozasi

No leave, No Transfer but excuse me sister girl, Sack Dey! In case you haven’t been following us on this the streets of social media, come here, pick your chair and sit down.  This current BBnaija, the reality show, pepper dem edition is a real peppery sauce! A big one. Yesterday night even up until this morning the streets of social media have been on fire. You are wondering why right? well, let me gist you. So, one of the housemates of the show known as Tacha, got disqualified last night.


Why? Ah! auntie got into a fight with another housemate, she has always had issues with everyone in the house, always getting into quarrels but last night was the height for her. She pulled the hair of the other housemate ‘Mercy’ whom she got into a fight with and that got her disqualified from the show and since then, the internet has been on fire. Different memes, different songs etc. The fact is this, this babe was proud that she can never leave the show until the last day but unfortunately she got disqualified two weeks to the last day.

She really has issues with her character and she needs to work it out. She needs to be coached, go to a rehab or something cos her attitude is pretty bad and everyone saw it coming. It is not enough to be talented and brag that you cannot be left out stranded but it goes a long way to be courteous and Tacha missed that! Her mantra in the house was ‘No leave, No Transfer, I am here till the 99th Day’ but unfortunately, the babe is Gone!

Source: Above Whispers

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