The Story Corner : What A Prank!

By Onozasi

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is sizzling hot on social media right now. Here is the gist, one of the ace comedians we have in Nigeria decided to prank his friends as part of his 40th birthday celebration. Now, the idea to him is to show how loyal his friends are and how much they care about his family. So, he told his wife to call some of his friends, and that’s how the prank began. She would call these friends of his and tell each of them over the phone that her husband said he was with them and all of that, they would try to cook up a story to defend him and make her know he wasn’t lying. The height of it all was that of the ‘condom’ prank where he got on a fake argument with his wife while he called some of his friends to bail him out even though there was no ‘condom event’.





The most hilarious part was that of Buchi another ace comedian, the way he covered up the lie was out of this world. He said the event was ‘Zanga Condom’ and there’s no Zanga condom anywhere!!! The argument between the comedian playing the prank ‘Bovi and his wife, Kris’ was that she saw him with condoms. So, he had to fake up a story of a condom event and his friend Buchi took it to another level!!! I mean, he cooked up the story that his response went viral. He is that friend that shows women to never, ever trust their husband’s friends. I am sure when he watched the video and realised it was a prank he would want to literally die!!!


So, let me ask this question, how far can you go to protect your friend?



Source: Above Whispers

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