3 Comfortable And Stylish Nursing Bra

By Viveeyan

3 comfortable and stylish nursing bra

Yes, it’s really rare to put these two words together, Nursing bra and stylish, I know right?

But not impossible.

Nursing bras are meant to be comfortable for fit, for function, for feeding, but not for fashion. But hey we want to look stylish and comfortable while lactating.

Turns out there are actually attractive nursing bra, that can make lactating mothers’ feel beautiful even while breastfeeding their babies.


  • sweet polka dots and lace (Etosell underside maternity bra)


bra 1

  • Lifting lace ( Mombasa wire-free comfort nursing bra)

bra 2


  • Bold, Black & Sexy ( Gratin cotton lace trim, non- padded nursing bra)

bra 3

Source: Above Whispers

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