Police Record 200 GBV Cases Per Month In Namibia

By Namibia Press Agency

The police Gender-based Violence Protection Unit in Windhoek gets more than 200 reports of cases under the Domestic Violence Act on a monthly basis.

Speaking to Nampa on Monday, the unit’s commander, Hendrick Olivier, said in a month, the unit handles cases such as rape, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH), assault by threatening, common assault, child neglect, sexual harassment, concealment of birth, crimen injuria and defamation of character and other cases under the Domestic Violence Act.


He said from December 2018, the unit recorded an average of 200 cases per month, and that most of the perpetrators and victims of GBV are the youth, with very few cases reported from the older segment of the population.

“There are people who come to report cases today and withdraw them the following day. You can see that a person is hurt, his ear is cut off but he/she still wants to withdraw the case,” Olivier said, explaining some of the challenges the unit faces.

He urged victims of GBV to continue with the case and allow the court to make a decision in the matter.

Olivier urged the community to make Namibia a safer place by continuing to report all kinds of violence and be vigilant to detect early signs of abuse, especially in areas where alcohol and drug abuse is high.

He said in such serious cases, the police may refuse to withdraw the cases but then the victims sometimes do not attend court or refuse to cooperate with the investigating officers when evidence is sought.

Source: Namibian

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