The Story Corner : There Is Fire On The Mountain

By Onozasi

My people, have you heard? Have you seen it? Come and gather here let me break it down. So, on Monday night, the internet went on fire when one of the Nollywood actresses in the Yoruba sector went beserk over another Nollywood actress in that same sector who just had a baby last month. This angry woman, I said angry cos she’s very angry in the video I watched, the video that was uploaded on social media. So,  this very angry aunty said the other aunty who just had a baby is sponsoring people online to bash other celebrities who are not friends with the one who just had a baby. She said she sends a particular blogger to be shading other celebrities in the industry, she sends this blogger to post stories that aren’t true about people, she uses fake accounts to bash people in their comment sections bla bla bla.




She was raking, she was raining curses on this actress she accused of tarnishing the image of other people. See ehn, I think there is more to this but as it is, this what she is telling us but the accused also posted o. She said she wouldn’t stoop low to the accuser’s level, she has told her PR company to handle it and they are going to charge her for libel. If it goes in their favour, the accuser will be asked to pay the sum of 500million naira. What a wawu. But the truth is, is it necessary to grant an interview to trash another person when the person can be reached via phone call, text message or DM? I don’t get how these celebrities do their stuff but apparently, that’s how stars do! We are here for the drama and we will see how it unfolds.

Source: Above Whispers

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