The Story Corner : Common And Sensitive Sense

By Onozasi

I know what has been happening in the country in the past few days have been painful, annoying and has caused a lot of reactions but I think sometimes, Nigerians don’t know how to read and assimilate before getting on their keypads. Some of our celebrities spoke about the Xenophobic attacks by some South Africans towards Nigerians in their country and this started another uproar entirely. Some people who couldn’t read well started spitting rubbish, attacking celebrities who were just speaking their truth. People need to understand that there are ways of addressing issues.




We don’t have to address issues via the same point of view but we have to understand the mind of other people. Most of the celebrities weren’t supporting the attacks but they spoke the truth that if we had better structures in Nigeria, it would be difficult to touch any Nigerian outside Nigeria and it would not be a thing of Must that Nigerians have to leave their country to look for greener pastures and people felt they were creating excuses for South Africa because they have South African friends. I mean, we need to understand what common and sensitive sense is, these people were literally using curse words on some of these Nigerian Celebrities and there was absolutely no cause for that. None at all!! Read well, assimilate before you type. It’s not difficult to do. It is not hard to handle and in this social media world of ours that people feel they have sense in their own right… It shall be well.

Source: Above Whispers

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