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The Story Corner : Uncle Said “He Didn’t Do It”

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2019
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There is nothing we would not hear in this social media world of ours and that’s why I would always keep you all abreast. Okay, so the current reality Tv show going on right now #BBNaija has got a lot of people talking on social media and you know there are two contestants in the house who are lovers and their love has been a rollercoaster of different kind of emotions.  They have been doing a lot of body works in the house and thereby finishing the condoms they provided for housemates in the house. Oh well, they are adults they can do anything they want and however, they want it. So, on Sunday night the guy got evicted from the show and as usual, they’ve been media rounds for him and all of that but uncle took to his page and asked his followers to ask him questions and whatever it is bothering their minds to ask him since he’s been in the house.


the face


My people, he was the one that told people to ask questions o, they now asked now, he couldn’t take it all in. Trust the people of the world, they asked him about his sexual escapades in the house with his lover and uncle took us on a banger! I mean, he said they never ever had sex and social media went buncus. Likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… excuse me sir, We saw all that happened na, even the housemates said you guys were finishing the condoms in the house, in fact, we saw when you told the babe that condom’s finished so no show for the night. Excuse me sir, we also heard you talking to the other housemates before you were evicted o that she’s always asking for it, you try to stop her but you couldn’t. Please sir, what are we talking about? It is okay to ignore but don’t deny the obvious. We are not mad sir neither are we blind o. Okay, people have been speaking in different directions concerning this and man, I just pity him. You know when they say, do well cos the world is waiting for you, this is it!!! Uncle, we know wassup okay? you don’t have to pretend!

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