You Are Responsible

Princess Arira

The moment you put your faith in Christ for salvation, you become born again and received the life of Christ. Hitherto to believing the gospel, you had no life to give. Ephesians 2:1. In God’s definition, it was when you believed the gospel you started living.
Faith 2
One of the vital proofs that you are growing in the faith is responsibility. Responsibility is one of the ways you give expression to the life of God within you, your life is not yours it belongs to God. It is Christ’s life you have within you. Therefore, God expects you to live for Him.
Responsibility in the kingdom is spelt as service and ministry. Being a responsible Christian means being about what the Lord is about, you should be found actively involved in service to the Lord in your local church. It is a good thing to belong to at least in a team in your local church.
In serving in your local church, let the love of God and honour for the saints and the local church be your motivation for service. You are a responsible believer and you live for Him.
Reading the Bible through in a year
Deut 23, 24, 25:1-9, Luke 16:19-31, 17:1-10, Psalm 45:10-17.
Source: Above Whispers

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