Association Of Female Lawyers of Liberia Decries Wave of Violence

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) says it has observed, with great sadness, disdain and consternation, the rising trend of violence that is escalating, engulfing the country and affecting its entire citizenry.

AFFELL is a duly accredited nonpartisan association with national and international recognition of its mandate for the protection and promotion of women and children over the last 25 years, coupled with its active participation at the peace conference in Ghana, which brought final peace to Liberia.

The association says it cannot sit in silence and observed the brutal acts of violence and deaths, which are recently being perpetrated against women and children in the country.


In this connection, AFELL, acting upon its legal and duly recognized mandate in defense of all women and children who have been brutalized and violently raped while exercising their basic freedom, hereby called upon the government to immediately commence an investigation into all of these brutal and violent incidence, intimidation and destruction, which have affected all of “our target beneficiaries regardless of political, religious or social affiliations and to hold perpetrators, regardless of status, responsible and accountable.”

“AFELL wishes to state that in its collective as a legally nonpartisan association, it can no longer sit in silence and watch the rights of its beneficiaries abused and violated by anyone regardless of status,” the association said in a statement over the weekend.

“In view of the above, AFELL, as a collective, demands immediate action by the government to bring to an end these despicable acts of violence, and thereby ensure peace and security for all of its citizens and foreigners residing within these 43,000 square miles,” the statement said.

Source: The Observer

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