The Story Corner : 80 Nigerians

By Onozasi




Hmmmm…. My people!!! Happy Weekend oooooooooo. You know if you don’t know what is up on the streets of social media, I am here to let you know what’s up! So, FBI conducted an investigation and caught one popular entrepreneur, Invictus Obi, they said he’s involved in a serious fraud case. This guy has motivated a lot of people ehn, they have called him for series of Ted Talks, he has shared his so-called success story with young people only for us to discover that he’s involved in Fraud. Mehn! it broke the camel’s back. As if that wasn’t enough, they revealed 80 so-called self-made entrepreneurs involved in such., My people, it’s not funny at all.

They published their full names and their nicknames. These were guys people thought had a legit source of income o only to find this shocker and it is painful that the reputation this would cause for young Nigerians is going to be really bad.  In as much as our young people want to make money, they need to know that nothing beats legitimate hustle. Do you want to be rich? do it the right way!

Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to The Story Corner : 80 Nigerians

  1. DSEED August 23, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    These is really affecting is as a nation. Imagine, a software developer who put in for a job abroad, pass all test and interview but couldn’t get the job all because he only have Nigeria passport on him. He was advised to get another country passport and once he is able to he should contact them. It is getting worst day by day in this country.

    • Olakunle Olajide August 26, 2019 at 6:24 pm

      Wow! And the annoying thing is that the country should be thriving with all the brilliant people we have. I hope we get it right as soon as possible.


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